Treatment Technologies provides one-on-one customized programs for Autistic children over the telephone, right in the comfort of their own home. By harnessing special high speed computer audio data, and combining it with our relaxing musical programs these children are able to harness basic concepts that they may have been exposed to in traditional therapies, such as Speech, Occupational, and physical therapies and combine them into a meaningful experience that can provide life changing actions based on the hidden abilities of the child. Our program takes what the child may have already been exposed to through traditional programs, and works in concert with this raw knowledge and empowers the child do accomplish new life changing milestone accomplishments. Children who would not go to bed and sleep through the night, now willingly go to bed in early evening, and sleep through the night. Children who could not sit through a church service, can now not only sit through the service, but will remain as quiet as a church mouse. Children with aggressive outbreaks, are now hugging their siblings. All of this thanks to our program we call Treatment + (plus).
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